CITS 2020

The 2020 International Conference on Computer, Information and Telecommunication Systems

October 5-7, 2020, Virtual Conference

The CITS 2020 Conference was planned to be held in Hangzhou, China on October 5-7, 2020. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, as the safety of people is of the highest priority, CITS 2020 will be held virtually on October 5-7, 2020. Accepted papers for the CITS 2020 will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore Digital Library (covered by Scopus and EI Compendex) after they are presented at the virtual conference. Information and instructions on how to prepare for a virtual presentation will be sent separately. Registration fees for the CITS 2020 (Virtual Conference) have been substantially reduced.

You can download the General Chairs' Message and Conference Program

NOTE on the Session Time:

  1. All time slots of paper presentations are allocated according to the official program. Please refer to the program for exact paper presentation time slots.
  2. The Tencent Meeting starting time are tentative and will start in advance for testing and inter-session connection. And all Tencent Meeting can easily extend.
  3. Since Tencent Meeting can only start from o'clock or half clock, we reserve all the Tencent Meeting Rooms in advance or extended to cover the sessions. No worry!

Monday, October 5

Opening Session

Time:11:00 - 11:15 Beijing Time

Keynote Speech 1

Time:11:15 - 12:15 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Kuei-Fang Hsiao

Deep Learning Platform for B5G Mobile Network

Distinguished Keynote speaker:   Prof. Han-Chieh Chao, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Dong Hwa University.

Keynote speech 1 Video           

Networking 1

Time:12:25 - 14:30 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Congfeng Jiang

Token Regulated Credit Based Shaper for Time Sensitive Networks

Author:   Bingwu Fang

Presentation Video           

Performance Insights on Using Multipath TCP for Wireless Multihomed IoT Gateways

Author:   Monika Prakash; Atef Abdrabou

Presentation Video           

A Survey of Computation Offloading in Edge Computing

Author:   Tao Zheng

Presentation Video           

Edge Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities

Author:   Haizhou Hu; Congfeng Jiang

Presentation Video           

Distributed Inter-cell Interference Coordination for Small Cell Wireless Communications: A Multi-Agent Deep Q-Learning Approach

Author:   Shuaifeng Jiang; Yuyuan Chang; Kazuhiko Fukawa

Presentation Video           

Networking 2

Time:14:30 - 16:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Janis Notzel

On the Use of Backoff Algorithms in Slotted ALOHA LoRaWAN Networks

Author:   Athanasios Xanthopoulos; Anastasios Valkanis; Georgia Beletsioti; Georgios Papadimitriou; Petros Nicopolitidis

Presentation Video           

Adaptive Protocol with Weights for Fair Distribution of Resources in Healthcare-Oriented PONs

Author:   Konstantinos Kantelis; Anastasios Valkanis; Petros Nicopolitidis; Georgios Papadimitriou; Dimitrios Kallergis; Christos Douligeris; Panagiotis P. Bamidis

Presentation Video           

Entanglement-Enabled Communication for the Internet of Things

Author:   Janis Nötzel; Stephen DiAdamo

Presentation Video           

Entanglement-Enabled Communication

Author:   Janis Nötzel

Presentation Video           

Computer Systems 1

Time:16:00 - 17:30 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Helen Karatza

The Heterogeneous Deployment Tool for Hardware and Software Co-design

Author:   Bingjie Zhao; Ziyang Li; Tao Zhang

Presentation Video           

Multi-Criteria Scheduling of Complex Workloads on Distributed Resources

Author:   Georgios L. Stavrinides; Helen Karatza

Presentation Video           

Fault-tolerant and power-aware scheduling in embedded real-time system

Author:   Ping Zhu; Dongmei Luo; Xuhui Chen

Presentation Video           

Optimization Scheduling of Cloud Service Resources Based on Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm

Author:   Ruisong Liu; Shaojie Liu; Ning Wang

Presentation Video           

Telecommunications 1

Time:17:30 - 19:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Honghao Gao

Ultra-wideband Fingerprinting Positioning Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Author:   Min Lei; Miao Jin; Tianfu Huang; Zhiwei Guo; Quan Wang; Zhiwu Wu; Zhuo Chen; Xiwen Chen; Jun Zhang

Presentation Video           

Research on Wind Power Prediction of Acoustic Radar Based on Wireless Technology

Author:   Yang Gao; Aoran Xu; Baoliang Liu; Cailian Gu; Xuemin Leng

Presentation Video           

Immune Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm For Spectrum Allocation In Cognitive Radio Sensor

Author:   Min Tian

Presentation Video           

Efficient Resource Allocation Paradigm for MIMO Industrial Cognitive Networks

Author:   Abdullah Yaqot; Lutz Rauchhaupt

Presentation Video           

Keynote Speech 2

Time:19:00 - 20:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Petros Nicopolitidis

Advanced architectures of Next Generation Wireless Networks

Distinguished Keynote speaker:   Prof. Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute-Alsace.

Keynote speech 2 Video           

Tuesday, October 6

Keynote Speech 3

Time:11:00 - 12:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Congfeng Jiang

Autonomic Cyber Security (ACS) - The Next Generation of Self Protection Systems and Services

Distinguished Keynote speaker:   Prof. Salim Hariri, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona.

Keynote speech 3 Video           

Information Technology 1

Time:12:00 - 13:30 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Xueshen Xu

Pathogenic virus detection method based on multi-model fusion

Author:   Xiaoyong Zhao; Jingwei Wang

Presentation Video           

The Planning Model of Transmission Line Using Bidirectional Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Time Series

Author:   Wenxuan Liu

Presentation Video           

Research on coordinating optimization strategy of integrated energy system based on multi-agent consistency theory

Author:   Yuan Yu

Presentation Video           

Insulator defect recognition based on Faster R-CNN

Author:   Yifan Wang; Zhongxu Li; Xuecheng Yang; Ning Luo; Yu Zhao; Gang Zhou

Presentation Video           

Information Technology 2

Time:13:30 - 15:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Wanqiu Huang

Construction of power projects knowledge graph based on graph database Neo4j

Author:   Haibo Liu; Guoyi Jiang; Linhua Su; Yang Cao; Fengxin Diao; Lipeng Mi

Presentation Video           

Constructing the Power Knowledge graph by Multisource Electricity Data

Author:   Guoyi Jiang; Linhua Su; Haibo Liu; Yang Cao; Rui Sun; Fengxin Diao

Presentation Video           

An empirical study on correlation clustering characteristics of interests based on big data

Author:   Dongyang Ou; Confeng Jiang

Presentation Video           

Comprehensive evaluation of road risk in earthquake disaster area based on normalization method

Author:   Ping Wang; Qifan Zhao; Yingliang Huang; Juan Nie; Xuemin Mao; Mingxue Zhao

Presentation Video           

Keynote Speech 4

Time:15:00 - 16:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Petros Nicopolitidis

Lightweight Security Schemes for IoT Healthcare applications

Distinguished Keynote speaker:   Prof. Mohsen Guizani, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Qatar University.

Keynote speech 4 Video           

Information Technology 3

Time:16:15 - 17:45 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Wanqiu Huang

Lung lesions detection from CT images based on the modified Faster R-CNN

Author:   Linlin Xu; Minmin Sun; Yifan Wang; Wentao Liu; Yuyang Tang; Xuemin Mao

Presentation Video           

Construction of public safety knowledge graphs

Author:   Yingliang Huang; Pengfei Yin; Gang Zhou; Pengcheng Liu; Yuyang Tang; Wenbo Li

Presentation Video           

Comparing the performance of ResNets on COVID-19 diagnosis using CT scans

Author:   Xuan Cai; Yifan Wang; Xiaoqing Sun; Wentao Liu; Yuyang Tang; Wenbo Li

Presentation Video           

A Cyclical Learning Rate Method in Deep Learning Training

Author:   Jiaqi Li; Xiaodong Yang

Presentation Video           

Information Technology 4

Time:17:45 - 19:30 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Congfeng Jiang

Effects of Different Representation Styles on User Attention in MOOC

Author:   Xinyong Zhang

Presentation Video           

An InterPlanetary File System Based Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

Author:   Ying-hui Zhao; Ru An; Dongyang Ou; Congfeng Jiang

Presentation Video           

A video capture and processing platform based on mobile edge computing

Author:   Ying-hui Zhao; Ru An; Congfeng Jiang

Presentation Video           

Target Tracking Based on Siamese Convolution Neural Networks

Author:   Haibo Pang; Qi Xua; Meigin Xie; Chengming Liu; Zhanbo Li

Presentation Video           

DADS: Decentralized (Mobile) Applications Deployment System Using Blockchain

Author:   Faieez Altamimi; Muttukrishnan Rajarajan; Waqar Asif

Presentation Video           

Wednesday, October 7

Security 1

Time:11:00 - 12:30 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Honghao Gao

Research and application of Web network attack protection and block chain log storage based on software definition

Author:   Haibo Pang; Qi Xua; Meigin Xie; Chengming Liu; Zhanbo Li

Presentation Video           

Proposal of a DH optimization model

Author:   Ahmed El Emine Sejad; Khadidiatou Keita; Khaly Tall; Diop Idy

Presentation Video           

BITS: A Blockchain-driven Intelligent Scheme for Telesurgery System

Author:   Rajesh Gupta; Urvish Thakker; Sudeep Tanwar; Mohammad S. Obaidat; Kuei-Fang Hsiao

Presentation Video           

BDoTs: Blockchain-based Evaluation Scheme for Online Teaching in COVID-19

Author:   Arpit Nirajkumar Shukla; Nirav Kiranbhai Patel; Sudeep Tanwar; Balqies Sadoun; Mohammad S. Obaidat

Presentation Video           

Security 2

Time:12:30 - 14:00 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Wanqiu Huang

Research on the route selection of emergency rescue materials based on fairness and timeliness in the early post earthquake period

Author:   Mingxue Zhao; Ping Wang; Qifan Zhao; Xuemin Mao; Juan Nie; Yingliang Huang

Presentation Video           

Privacy Assessment of Fitness Tracker Devices

Author:   Omar M Gouda; Dina Hejji; Mohammad S. Obaidat

Presentation Video           

A Secure Authentication Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author:   Rifaqat Ali; Preeti Chandrakar; Mohammad S. Obaidat; Kuei-Fang Hsiao; Arup Kumar Pal; SK Hafizul Islam

Presentation Video           

Automatic Spine Bone Segmentation and Feature Extraction in CT images for Biometric Recognition

Author:   Waled Obaid; Mohammad S. Obaidat

Presentation Video           

Security 3

Time:14:15 - 15:45 Beijing Time

Session Chair: Xueshen Xu

An Efficient Robust Lightweight Remote User Authentication Protocol using Extended Chaotic Maps

Author:   C. S. Meshram; Mohammad S. Obaidat; Akshaykumar J Meshram

Presentation Video           

New Efficient QERPKC based on Partial Discrete Logarithm Problem

Author:   C. S. Meshram; Mohammad S. Obaidat; Akshaykumar J Meshram

Presentation Video           

Improvements to the Descent Step in the Number Field Sieve for Discrete Logarithms

Author:   Liwei Liu; Maozhi Xu

Presentation Video           

Secure Transmission in Cognitive MIMO Networks Using Cooperative Jammer With Outdated CSI

Author:   Tao Zhang; Zhihui Shang; Hao Wu; Yu Zhang; Xiaoqiang Qiao

Presentation Video           

Closing Session

Time:15:45 - 16:45 Beijing Time

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